ICoMI 2017: Where Science and Clinical Practice meet…

This congress offers a unique opportunity for research scientists, lab technicians and health professionals (physicians, physicians-in-training, students) from all around the world to meet, discuss and interchange experiences in the field of immunomodulation and chronic diseases.

In ICoMI, we consider diversity in perspectives and open-mindedness as driving forces for the improvement of the management of these diseases. Therefore, everyone can learn a lot from each other and contribute, individually and as a group, to improving the quality of life of thousands of patients.

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Confirmed speakers

    “Positive effect of adding complementary treatments to Multiple sclerosis evolution”
  • Dr. Markus STARK
    Dr. Markus STARK
    “Relationship between Microbiome and Micro-Immunity”
  • Dr. Pilar MUÑOZ-CALERO
    Dr. Pilar MUÑOZ-CALERO
    “Provocation-Neutralization Low-Dose Immunotherapy for Treatment of Chemical Sensitivity”
  • Dr. Sylvie MAS
    Dr. Sylvie MAS
    “Co-construction/Déconstruction Interactionnelle: de la Tolérance aux Maladies Auto-Immunes”
  • Dr. Carlos JUAN
    Dr. Carlos JUAN
    Basic Immunology Course
  • Dr. Mónica PERIS GINER
    Dr. Mónica PERIS GINER
    “Clinical Cases of Tiroiditis Autoimmune”
  • Pr. Claudia KEMPER
    Pr. Claudia KEMPER
    “An Unexpected Force from within the Role of Intracellular Complement in Th1 Biology”
  • Dr. Sabine FISCHER
    Dr. Sabine FISCHER
    “Diagnostics and Therapy of Autoimmune Diseases in Practice using the PROTEOMIS-Profile”
  • Dr. Anna CAMPS
    Dr. Anna CAMPS
    “Microimmunotherapeutic Cytokine Treatment improves the Outcome of EAE, an Experimental Model of Multiple Sclerosis”
  • Dr. Cristina ZEMBA
    Dr. Cristina ZEMBA
    “Alopecia universalis: a therapeutic challenge”
  • Pr. Mauro ROSSI
    Pr. Mauro ROSSI
    “Gluten tolerance induction by antigen manipulation: new immunomodulatory strategies in Coeliac disease”
  • Pr. Guillaume DOROTHÉE
    Pr. Guillaume DOROTHÉE
    “Targeting Regulatory T Cells through Low-Dose IL-2 Immunomodulation delays Alzheimer-like Pathology”
  • Dr. Eytan BARNEA
    Dr. Eytan BARNEA
    “Transpose PreImplantation Factor (PIF*) Immune Regulatory Effects to Clinical Use”
  • Dr. Nara NAIRI
    Dr. Nara NAIRI
    “Microbiota and Perinatal Time: Consequences to Auto-Immune Diseases Emergence”
  • Dr. Lionel CHAPY
    Dr. Lionel CHAPY
    “Lymphocyte Typing and Autoimmune Disease”
  • Dr. Roni MOYA
    Dr. Roni MOYA
    “Multiple Sclerosis New Frontiers in Clinical Functional Nutrition and Cell Therapy”
  • Pr. Michael GOLDBERG
    Pr. Michael GOLDBERG
    “Leveraging nanotechnology to influence the immune system”
  • Pr. Anna SEDIVA
    Pr. Anna SEDIVA
    “Innate immunity and IL-2 in type diabetes”
  • Dr. Gerhard HUBMANN
    Dr. Gerhard HUBMANN
    “The importance of lymphocyte subset typing as a diagnostic method and a monitoring tool for the interpretation of autoimmunity”
  • Prof. Didier BETBEDER
    Prof. Didier BETBEDER
    “Nasal Nanoparticulate Vaccine to prevent Congenital Infection of Toxoplasma gondii”
  • Pr. Michael STARK
    Pr. Michael STARK
    “VIEZION Project, a New Approach to Oncological Treatment which Combines Targeted Chemotherapy, PIF and Stem Cell Therapy”
  • Dr. Johann LECHNER
    Dr. Johann LECHNER
    “Hyperactivated signaling pathways of RANTES/CCL5 in osteopathy of jawbone in breast cancer patients – Surgical and homeopathic approach”
  • Dr. Michel GEFFARD
    Dr. Michel GEFFARD
    “Endotherapia is a Beneficial Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment”
    “How Probiotics modulates the Function of the IS”
  • Mr. Wolfgang MAYER
    Mr. Wolfgang MAYER
    “Cytokines: a Diagnostic Exigence for the Recognition of Silent Inflammation”
  • Dr. Dolores DE LA PUERTA
    Dr. Dolores DE LA PUERTA
    “Microbiota Action on Mucus Layer and Its Work in the GALT”
  • Pr. David WRAITH
    Pr. David WRAITH
    “Anti-Specific Immunotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis”
  • Dr. Tianh CAO
    Dr. Tianh CAO
    “Coeliac Disease - HLA Group and associated Autoimmune Pathologies”
  • Dr. Giulia ZORZI
    Dr. Giulia ZORZI
    “Immunophenotyping of regulatory cytokinergic Th1, Th2 and Th17 lymphocytes”
  • Pr. Thomas MALEK
    Pr. Thomas MALEK
    “Restoring Immune Tolerance with Low-Dose IL-2”
  • Mr. Gunter SCHLEGEL
    Mr. Gunter SCHLEGEL
    “Exosomes, photons investigation and autoimmunity”

Keynote speakers

  • Pr. Eliana MARIÑO MERINO
    Pr. Eliana MARIÑO MERINO
    “Gut Microbial Metabolites Regulates Autoimmune T Cell Responses and Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes”
  • Pr. Alessio FASANO
    Pr. Alessio FASANO
    “The Role of Nutrition, the Microbiome, and Gut Permeability in Immunomodulation: The Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes Paradigms”
  • Pr. Victor Gabriel CLATICI
    Pr. Victor Gabriel CLATICI
    “Rosacea – Immunomodulation by Antibiotics, Laser Therapy and Nanotechnology”
  • Pr. Marion SCHNEIDER
    Pr. Marion SCHNEIDER
    “Inflammatory Macrophages and Dendritic Guiding Cancer Manifestation”
  • Pr. Vincent CASTRONOVO
    Pr. Vincent CASTRONOVO
    “Key Roles of Functional and Nutritional Medicine in the Management of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases”
  • Pr. Herman WALDMANN
    Pr. Herman WALDMANN
    “Reprogramming the Immune System in Autoimmunity and Transplantation”
  • Pr. Torello LOTTI
    Pr. Torello LOTTI
    “Low-doses of Cytokines and Growth Factors for the Treatment of Skin Disease”
  • Pr. Kingston MILLS
    Pr. Kingston MILLS
    “Autoimmune Diseases - Immunological Basis and Immunotherapeutic Approaches to Treatment”

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