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ICoMI 2017: Where Science and Clinical Practice meet…

This congress offers a unique opportunity for research scientists, lab technicians and health professionals (physicians, physicians-in-training, students) from all around the world to meet, discuss and interchange experiences in the field of immunomodulation and chronic diseases.

In ICoMI, we consider diversity in perspectives and open-mindedness as driving forces for the improvement of the management of these diseases. Therefore, everyone can learn a lot from each other and contribute, individually and as a group, to improving the quality of life of thousands of patients.

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Presentation ICoMI (18-20 May 2017)

Keynote speakers

  • Pr. Vincent CASTRONOVO
    Pr. Vincent CASTRONOVO
    “Key Roles of Functional and Nutritional Medicine in the Management of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases”
  • Pr. Torello LOTTI
    Pr. Torello LOTTI
    “Low-doses of Cytokines and Growth Factors for the Treatment of Skin Disease”
  • Pr. Marion SCHNEIDER
    Pr. Marion SCHNEIDER
    “Inflammatory Macrophages and Dendritic Guiding Cancer Manifestation”
  • Pr. Eliana MARIÑO MERINO
    Pr. Eliana MARIÑO MERINO
    “Gut Microbial Metabolites Regulates Autoimmune T Cell Responses and Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes”
  • Pr. Victor Gabriel CLATICI
    Pr. Victor Gabriel CLATICI
    “Rosacea – Immunomodulation by Antibiotics, Laser Therapy and Nanotechnology”
  • Pr. Herman WALDMANN
    Pr. Herman WALDMANN
    “Reprogramming the Immune System in Autoimmunity and Transplantation”
  • Pr. Alessio FASANO
    Pr. Alessio FASANO
    “The Role of Nutrition, the Microbiome, and Gut Permeability in Immunomodulation: The Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes Paradigms”

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